LA CANDELARIA | BOGOTÁ | COLOMBIA Walking in the La Candelaria district of Bogotá is like visiting a museum of mural paintings.

HACIENDA LA VENECIA | MANIZALES | COLOMBIA The coffee triangle area in Colombia is a hot spot for coffee growers – its proximity to the equator and the regular passing of cloud systems enable them to produce arabica coffee all year long.

HIGH ANDES | CERRO GUALI | COLOMBIA Ascending above the treeline in the Andes is entering a magical tropical mountain kingdom, ruled by a multitude of plantlife and the ever present rainclouds.

HIGH ANDES | CERRO GUALI | COLOMBIA Winding roads in the high Andean area, accompanied by plant that need a hundred years to grow a meter tall.

HIGH ANDES | CERRO GUALI | COLOMBIA At almost 4500m volcanic activity and the resulting minerals paint a wonderfully diverse plant life.

HIGH ANDES | CERRO GUALI | COLOMBIA This high up on the mountain, you only need to look down to see a thousand paintings.

LETICIA | COLOMBIA On the main street of end-of-the-world port town Leticia, senior citizens spend their days drinking coffee and ogling the young waitress.

TABATINGA | BRASIL A few minutes walking from Leticia lies its twin Brasilian town Tabatinga.

TABATINGA | BRASIL A street corner and the subtle colors of a different culture.

TABATINGA | BRASIL Street dogs are abundant in Leticia.

TABATINGA | BRASIL Across the river from Leticia is the poor part of town.

LETICIA | COLOMBIA The port town of Leticia lies along a small tributary of the Amazon. In summer the waterlevel drops about 7 meters, lowering the floating houses and leaving behind the collected junk people throw in the river.